Our Proven Process

Our process is designed to bring brands to life in the digital space.

1. Strategy and Planning

By understanding our clients business we can plan solutions to best meet their needs.

When starting any new project we work closely with our clients and partners to understand their business and objectives. We establish requirements for a project, and how we'll measure success. We learn as much as possible about a business to make recommendations that ensure the project can successfully meet goals and objectives.

What we expect to cover
  • Market research and analysis
  • Information architecture and content modeling
  • Technical specifications around web and mobile software and services
  • Communication strategy for social networks and email newsletters
  • Content publishing and search optimization strategies (SEO)

2. Visual Creative

The creative process is where projects come to life. They take on a look and feel. Extending, or very often creating, a brands reach. We work on visual creative in two capacities. We can work directly with our clients team, normally a marketing person. Or, we can work with existing design teams to implement their creative.

Our Design Team

Our design team creates engaging experiences that take advantage of the latest emerging technologies and techniques available. Because we're likely building the front-end of the project as well, we can ensure the creative will work once coded.

Your Design Team

We also enjoy working with existing design teams on projects. It gives us a chance to work with smart folks and create something great. We can work side-by-side with designers providing technical insight where needed.

We understand that great designs create engaging experiences.

3. Technology

Great technology solutions are invisible for the end-user and powerful for the administrator.

Technology is the workhorse behind the user experience. From the web browser to the mobile device, and from the user-experience to the administrative control panel we have you covered.

What we do
  • Hand-crafted front-end code built with HTML5, CSS and Javascript
  • Rock-solid hosting setup and DNS management
  • Flexible content management system installation, configuration and customization
  • System testing and QA
  • Mobile site development
  • Onsite client training for site administrators
  • Third-party integration including social networking, payments and more
  • Content migration support

4. Launch and Beyond

The launch of a new website or mobile application is always exciting. Watching traffic visit and engage with a brand as intended is a sign of a job well done.

Launch and Monitoring

Our live projects are monitored for uptime through a series of servers around the world. We have 30, 60 and 90-day checks designed to ensure everything is operating smoothly.

Future Development

Because our projects are built on flexible, scalable platforms, we are often adding new features to our clients websites and applications.

Because we build using flexible platforms, our sites evolve with our clients.

Find out how Look North can bring your project to life.
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