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Thanks For Everything, Steve

By Gregory Maher • August 24, 2011


Today Steve Jobs resigns from CEO of Apple, Inc. I’ve been a die-hard Apple fan since Jobs returned to the company in 1997 and saved it from complete disaster. I believe the products they design living in today’s digital, connected, media-centric world not just possible, but enjoyable.

From his resignation letter on
“I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role.”

I believe Jobs has set Apple on a course to maintain greatness, and become even more successful in the coming years. He knows it and is comfortable letting the folks he’s put in charge make sure his vision of the company is exactly what it is realized. I think Apple-focused journalist John Gruber sums it up stating, “Jobs’s greatest creation isn’t any Apple product. It is Apple itself.”

Good luck and be well, Steve. Thanks for everything.

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