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We love clean design, efficient technology and North Carolina barbeque.

Passionate About The Web, Since 1996

Look North is an award-winning creative and technology studio located in Montclair, New Jersey. What started as a curiousity of all things digital grew into a full-fledged obsession with modern communication tools and techniques. Our team has years of experience learned from industry leaders in information architecture, graphic and user-interface design and modern website development, not to mention account and project management. We encourage and actively participate in professional, community and personal organizations and initiatives including volunteer programs and non-profit work.

For centuries, navigators have used North as a reference. Once North is determined, the rest of the compass is easily derived, and a clear path to the goal is in sight. Look North aims to lead our Clients on a clear path towards their communication goals through smart, effective uses of design and technology. Our logo mark uses a star, representing the North Star. And our logo typeface is a modified version of Georgia, one of the original HTML "friendly" typefaces available on both Mac and PC platforms.


Our Team

Our team is made up of both full-time and part-time staff as well as a well-vetted group of specialized freelancers. We work as an efficient group to ensure proper attention is given to all client projects. But don't get us wrong, we certainly know how to have a good time.

Our core team is made up of:

greg.jpg greg.jpg
Gregory Maher

Gregory has been designing and building websites and interactive communication materials since the late 90's. His experience includes over 12 years of experience including designer and producer roles at DoubleClick and Digital Pulp. At Look North, he continues to help clients meet their online communication goals by combining a curiosity for internet technologies, a keen eye for design and a solid business sense.

Little Known Fact

While he is an avid "griller" Gregory still prefers to broil and sear his steaks.

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Joanna Maher

Joanna's design education foundation is from The Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. She also has a bachelors degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her experience includes design and senior design positions at Simon & Schuster, Kate Spade and AR Media. She has worked on clients such as The Art Directors Club, Banana Republic and Ivanka Trump and enjoys bringing her sense of typography and style to her current projects.

Little Known Fact

Joanna once designed rain boots with gold fish on them.

mike1.jpg mike1.jpg

Hailing from Carmel, NY, Kava is not just our dog, but our official nap taker. Unless she's gearing up for a walk to the local Whole Foods, she can be found inconveniently curled up under any one of the desks here in the office.

Little Known Fact

Kava has a tennis ball addiction. We know it's a problem, but we can't seem to break her of it.

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